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T-SUNRISE LED Solar Garden Light IP65 Waterproof Solar Lamp Outdoors Landscape Lamp For Outdoor Garden Lawn


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T-SUNRISE LED Solar Garden Lig...


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Note: RGB style is one lamp bead, 3000k is three lamp beads. In addition, RGB can be fixed to choose one of the colors, or you can choose to continuously change colors.
  • Solar panel: polycrystalline solar panel 6V/3W

  • Battery: 3.7V/2000mAh*2 18650# Lithium battery

  • Light source: SMD 2835*12PCS

  • Brightness: 200-400LM

  • Color temperature: 3000K

  • Working hours: 8-12h (highlighted 8H, lowlighted 12H)

  • Charging time: ≥8h

  • Function: Light control, the solar panel charges the battery during the day and automatically lights up at night.

  • Waterproof rating: IP65

  • Extension cord: 3 m * 4

  • Material: ABS plastic die-cast aluminum

  • Shell color: black

  • Warranty time: 1 year

Package Includes
  • Solar LED spotlights*4

  • Ground insertion *5 (iron * 4, plastic * 1)

  • Instruction manual *1

  • Accessories package: expansion rubber plug *3, mounting screws *3

  • Keep the equipment away from fire to avoid explosion.

  • Do not hit the appliance strongly.

  • It is not recommended to disassemble the appliance without damaging the equipment.

How to install
Find the best place to install solar panels. The location required is as close as possible to the south, away from light obstructions such as buildings, trees, fences, bushes or shadows.
1. Use screws and nuts to assemble them together and fix them on the ground, or screw them to the wall;
2. Slide the switch button behind the solar panel and the device starts.
3. Fix it in a certain way and angle to collect the maximum sunlight;
  • Please fully charge before the first use;

  • Before using, please make sure to use the power switch;

  • Place or install solar lights in the sun without shadows;

  • Solar panels can be quickly charged in strong sunlight. In the faint sunshine, it can be slowly charged. The charging time depends on the intensity of the sunlight. The lighting time depends on the intensity of the daylight and the length of time.


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